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Crunchers Accountants

Why Crunchers is moving to Google

Add a comment   Posted on December 31, 2015   by damionviney

A couple of years ago I started working with an extremely helpful and reasonable IT guy called Pawel.

I had the idea to upgrade us from desktop Microsoft Office suite to Microsoft 365 and get a couple of laptops set up and I started to talk to him about what computers we should buy and how Microsoft […]

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Do you know your Break-even?

Add a comment   Posted on November 30, 2015   by damionviney

Almost certainly the answer to that question is ‘No’.

It could be you don’t know the concept, it could be you have not worked it out, it could be that the calculation is out of date or it could be that you have worked it out wrong.

Whichever is the case, knowing your break-even is one of […]

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Receipt Bank Update

Add a comment   Posted on October 31, 2015   by damionviney

With so many of our clients using Receipt Bank who may not be aware of some of the new features, and so many who may not know of it’s amazing functionality at all, we bring you an update on the application.

The Basics

In the old days of bookkeeping, every receipt and invoice needed to be uncrinkled […]

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Beware of Mixed Messages

Add a comment   Posted on August 29, 2015   by damionviney

We sometimes get asked at Crunchers questions like:

How much should we charge?
Do you think we should add x,y or z product or service to our range?
Should we deliver an online service?

In our opinion these kind of questions often arise when a piece of strategic thinking is missing from a business.

The planning that is missing is […]

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Alternative Accounting – New Video

Add a comment   Posted on August 29, 2015   by admin


A short video is a great way to pitch yourself online and to get your content out.  Video is easy to consume and can be just what someone needs to understand how your service or product solves their problem.

The good news is that it’s now possible for start-ups and small brands to compete online with […]

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Budget Commentary

Add a comment   Posted on August 5, 2015   by damionviney

It seems the July Budget holds little of cheer for small business owners.

As one contributor on AccountingWeb asked: ‘Surely a Conservative Government didn’t just launch the biggest raid on small business owners in living memory?’


Two measures in particular:  the change to dividend taxation and Employers Allowance (See Budget Report for details),  affect a particular profile of business owner – […]

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Budget Report

Add a comment   Posted on August 5, 2015   by damionviney

In the Spring Budget we found precious little to report and it is now clear that the Chancellor was saving it until after the election.

This is probably the most significant budget for small business in many years and what follows is our summary of the announcements most likely to affect small business owners.  The article below […]

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What’s the plan, Stan?

Add a comment   Posted on June 29, 2015   by damionviney

After 4 years working with businesses in South London, something is becoming clear.  Highly successful businesses start with a plan.

It is not that businesses without plans fail, many continue at a level for many years, but something that sets apart businesses that expand and achieve high returns is that they have  plan.

With this in mind […]

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Crunchers is Recruiting

Add a comment   Posted on June 25, 2015   by damionviney

Make a Difference at Work!

Our company, Crunchers Accountants, based in South London, is expanding and has two positions available for two school leavers with an interest in small business.  One position is for an Apprentice in Accounting and the second for an Apprentice in Business Administration.

As a firm of accountants we are obviously concerned with […]

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See-through Business

Add a comment   Posted on June 2, 2015   by damionviney

Last month at Crunchers we uploaded our client feedback collected through CustomerSure to our website.

I have been talking about the power of feedback in general and the usefulness of CustomerSure in particular to clients.  I have also known we were getting good feedback from clients by logging on to their website see results, but something […]

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