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Business Buddies

Add a comment   Posted on April 30, 2018   by damionviney

Since reading Gino Wickman’s excellent book, Traction, on business development, we have been mindful of the importance and power of meetings, especially meetings where we as business owners are held accountable and particularly where we are held accountable for our job of building our business.

In fact Traction recommends a weekly ‘Pulse Meeting’ to keep us […]

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Tax Year End Changes

Add a comment   Posted on April 3, 2018   by damionviney

With the new Tax Year almost upon us we review the changes to tax from 5th April 2018.

Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum wage increases from April 2018.  For employees over 25 the increase is from £7.50 to £7.83 per hour.  Other ages and categories of employees’ rates can be found here:


Deducting Mortgage Interest for Property Income

From April […]

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Sell, Sell, Sell

Add a comment   Posted on March 1, 2018   by damionviney

One of the privileges of being an accountant is to see into many different people’s businesses.  After a while you start to see the patterns.

Something that becomes clear quite quickly is that whilst most people are getting by not many are really making a profit.  And when you start to look why you can’t help […]

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Motivating Staff

Add a comment   Posted on February 3, 2018   by damionviney

As business owners one of our jobs is to get the best our staff.  From time to time we get asked about performance related pay and bonuses and our response is always the same – beware!

Somewhere it has entered business culture that offering financial rewards or perks is an effective way to motivate staff.  Unfortunately […]

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Daily Bookkeeping

Add a comment   Posted on January 3, 2018   by damionviney

Here at Crunchers we’ve been toying with the idea of providing a daily bookkeeping service and we are now proud to announce that after trialling it with some clients, we are rolling it out across the practice.

The traditional model of a remote bookkeeping service is that you send over information once a month and get […]

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The Rise of the Digital Accountant

Add a comment   Posted on October 31, 2017   by damionviney

In October we attended Xerocon London which is Xero’s annual conference in London.

By rights this should be one of the dullest experiences known to man – a conference on a piece of software that does bookkeeping.  It hardly sets the pulse racing.  But it turns out that Xero and it’s ilk are right in the […]

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Dragon’s Den Success!

Add a comment   Posted on September 28, 2017   by damionviney

Congratulations to our client Adelle Smith and BKD London Ltd whose success on Dragons Den was made public last Sunday on BBC2.

Multi-award winning children’s baking company, BKD  has secured investment from British entrepreneur and businessman Peter Jones CBE assisted by Crunchers in preparing for the bid.

Adelle Smith launched BKD from her kitchen in Shoreditch, London, […]

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Intoducing Vivienne Johnson

Add a comment   Posted on September 28, 2017   by damionviney

I am originally from New Zealand, a country which I adore and am lucky enough to travel back to regularly to see family and friends. Having been educated there and spent my formative years in New Zealand, I moved to the UK with my now husband in 2006 to work and travel.  Fast forward 11 years and we […]

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Canvases – creating a Business Model that works

Add a comment   Posted on August 28, 2017   by damionviney

If your business is struggling, you might say you have not found a business model that works.  And even if a business is working, it is well worth understanding one’s business model because it can help to focus resources.

Wikipedia defines them thus: A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and […]

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