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Crunchers Accountants

Marketing – Method or Madness?

Add a comment   Posted on August 31, 2012   by damionviney

As summer comes to an end many businesses will start to think about marketing again.  At Crunchers our experience is that for many businesses marketing is a dark art, subject to impulse and personal taste.  In other words we do what we like when we feel like it, without much sense of what works.  Added […]

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A Revolution in Bookkeeping

Add a comment   Posted on July 25, 2012   by damionviney

The tectonic plates are shifting in bookkeeping and accountancy.

For years and years, bookkeeping has been a job of paper filing and data entry, uncrinkling receipts, finding the date, the amount, the VAT, working out what it was for and entering it onto some kind of database.  The revolution that has arrived is bank feeds.  This […]

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It’s About Time – Seminar Report

Add a comment   Posted on July 23, 2012   by damionviney

If someone asked you to invest £20,000 you would probably want to know with great security you were going to see a return on it.  You would want a detailed plan of how it was coming back to you.  Yet business owners invest their own time (often with a value in excess of that amount) […]

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Your business engine – sales and production

Add a comment   Posted on July 2, 2012   by damionviney

At the heart of the combustion engine is a simple idea.  Fuel is injected into a piston, it is burnt and the piston turns a wheel.  Business has a similar dynamic at its heart.  Inject sales revenue into the business, turn the wheels of production.

If we can get this important dynamic working smoothly then we […]

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The Buyer / Seller Dance – Seminar Report

Add a comment   Posted on June 28, 2012   by damionviney

If you have no sales, you have no business.  The trouble is most of us feel embarrassed, anxious or quite simply resigned as sales people.

Perhaps Marcus Cauchi’s (sales consultant and trainer) most important message to the assembled audience was that as sales people we at very least the equal to our the people we sell […]

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Sales Coach, Marcus Cauchi – Guest Blog

Add a comment   Posted on June 1, 2012   by damionviney

Why Business Owners Fail and How to Avoid Being One of The Failures

Small businesses stay small because business owners behave like small business owners. They believe that they lack the gravitas, the reputation, the education, the stature or the cahunas to sell into the richest companies or most lucrative prospects who are currently buying from […]

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Happiness at Work

Add a comment   Posted on May 1, 2012   by damionviney

Surely this is a pie in the sky?  And surely this has no place in an accountant’s newsletter?

Apparently not.  Setting aside whether concern for one’s fellow human being has a place in an accountant’s ordered mind, research shows that a happy work force is is a productive one.  A recent book ‘Practice what you Preach’ […]

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Designing your Business Dashboard – Seminar Report

Add a comment   Posted on May 1, 2012   by damionviney

“If you can‘t measure it, you can‘t manage it.” So goes the quote from renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker.  This was what 15 business owners gathered to grapple with in East Dulwich last night.

Ask most small business owners how their business is going and the response tends to be ‘Great, we’re really busy’ or ‘Not great, it’s really quite.’  The seminar […]

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