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Crunchers Accountants

Introducing Goal Driver

Add a comment   Posted on November 1, 2016   by damionviney

As some will know the intention behind Crunchers is to use the accounting process to improve the lives of business owners, providing insights and support in achieving their goals for their business and their lives.

Crunchers Head Office in Cornwall has been busy this year with an important new software to empower business owners – Goal Driver.

The […]

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Making Life Easy – a winning business strategy

Add a comment   Posted on September 30, 2016   by damionviney

Our customers want and need things.  Clothes, food, video production, accountancy services, plumbing done.   Mostly they don’t want to think about how they fulfil these needs, they want an easy life. So they look around and hopefully they find your business to provide them with what they want.  They become your customer.

In theory this […]

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Crunchers is First Accounting Practice to be awarded Fair Tax Mark

Add a comment   Posted on August 25, 2016   by damionviney

We are delighted Crunchers South London is the first accounting practice in the country to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark.




We join FTSE listed companies such as SSE Plc and Go-Ahead Group in a growing list of companies taking a stand against aggressive tax avoidance.

The Fair Tax Mark is an independent accreditation process that assesses […]

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Auto-Enrolment Solutions

Add a comment   Posted on July 22, 2016   by damionviney

Our last blog on Pensions Auto-Enrolment was back in May 2015.  For most of our clients the date from which they much Auto-Enrol is sometime in 2017.  This is still a way away but it is something that needs to be planned and therefore we feel it is time to bring into focus again.

Our last […]

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Brexit Report

Add a comment   Posted on June 30, 2016   by damionviney

Britain has voted to leave the EU with far reaching implications for UK business.  In this report we attempt to distil what this means for the small business community we represent.  A more complete and in depth version of what follows may be found as a link at the end of this article.


One certain outcome of […]

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The End of Suffering

Add a comment   Posted on May 27, 2016   by damionviney

Hopefully you are enjoying being in business.  Hopefully the sun is shining and you are making hay.  In which case this article may not relate to you, but it is not uncommon for small business owners to experience stress, upset and get worn down.

As Michael Gerber pointed out so elegantly in the E-Myth, a business […]

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Budget Report

Add a comment   Posted on March 30, 2016   by damionviney

Following this month’s Budget we give our highlights from the point of view of small business.


Corporation Tax – the Chancellor announced a reduction in Corporation Tax to 17% by 2020.  This is obviously welcome to anyone paying Corporation Tax and interestingly moves the goalposts once again regarding tax when considering trading through a Ltd […]

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Year-End Tax Planning

Add a comment   Posted on February 29, 2016   by damionviney

With the approach of the tax year end it is worth considering the following areas regards tax planning.  In particular this year, Company Directors are advised to consider the new Dividend Tax which will come into effect in April:


From April 2016 the new dividend tax comes into effect with the 10% tax credit abolished […]

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Limited Unlimited

Add a comment   Posted on January 30, 2016   by damionviney

With the new tax rules on dividend in sight (Apr 2016 – see Budget Review) we take a look at how the landscape has changed in deciding whether to trade through a Ltd Co not.
Until the Chancellor’s announcement in July the decision on whether to incorporate one’s business or not had been simplified by one powerful […]

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Why Crunchers is moving to Google

Add a comment   Posted on December 31, 2015   by damionviney

A couple of years ago I started working with an extremely helpful and reasonable IT guy called Pawel.

I had the idea to upgrade us from desktop Microsoft Office suite to Microsoft 365 and get a couple of laptops set up and I started to talk to him about what computers we should buy and how Microsoft […]

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