Xerocon 2019

Each year we attend Xerocon as a way to keep up with product and app developments on the platform we have put at the heart of our practice. Tech makes an increasing difference in small business. If you aren’t making use of the streamlining and online functionality out there, you could well be putting yourself …

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Christmas Cracker

In the spirit of Christmas here is an accountant joke worthy of a belly groan around the Christmas Day lunch table. How may accountants does it take to change a light bulb? 0.83 + VAT.

Positioning Seminar

We held our first seminar last night at the Bespoke Space, East Dulwich. The intention of Crunchers Seminar series is to bring business thinking and support in development to the level of the sole trader businesses we serve. Though I say it myself, I think we achieved the objective.  10 business owners turned out and …

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Apprenticeships 1

As I meet clients, the possibility of taking on an apprenticeship seems to pop up on a fairly regular basis. To go from no business to some business must be one of the most daunting challenges in business (ie start up) but following that I would say that going from a business that supports you …

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