Cloud Computing Seminar Report

Arguably only one thing drives economic development: technological innovation.  It is probably no co-incidence that eras of economic development tend to be named after technological advancements – the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution and now the Age of Silicon.

That being so, business cannot afford to ignore technology and our last seminar explored the possibilities of a new technology coming of age for small businesses – namely Cloud Computing.  Whilst not a new phenomenon, the technology now makes applications of the Cloud available and affordable to even micro businesses.

The seminar explored the history of the Cloud, reasons to use it and dealt with the most common concerns before turning to the following seven applications as examples of what is possible:

  • Google Docs and Drive
  • Xero
  • Capsule
  • MailChimp
  • Word Press
  • WorkflowMax
  • Geckoboard


The intention was not simply to show how these applications could perform buisness functions quicker and easier but also to show how they effectively made possible opportunities that were previously beyond the reach of most small businesses.

Feedback from the 15 attendees told us the seminar was up to our usual high standards.  The seminar scored 8/10 for overall value.  The following is a selection of written feedback:

“Great overview of the best cloud software services available to businesses.”

“I find these seminars very helpful to my business.”

“A must have for any business owner, great ideas, great knowledge.”

“Very good, inspiring.”

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