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We are committed to paying all the taxes that we owe in accordance with the spirit of all tax laws that apply to our operations. We believe that paying our taxes in this way is the clearest indication we can give of our being responsible participants in society.

We will fulfill our commitment to paying the appropriate taxes that we owe by seeking to pay the right amount of tax (but no more), at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time. We aim to do this by ensuring that we report our tax affairs in ways that reflect the economic reality of the transactions we actually undertake in the course of our trade.

What we will not ever do is seek to use those options made available in tax law or the allowances and reliefs that it provides in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the law. Nor will we undertake specific transactions with the sole or main aim of securing tax advantages that would otherwise not be available to us based on the reality of the trade that we undertake. As a result the company will never undertake transactions that would require notification to HM Revenue & Customs under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations or participate in any arrangement to which it might be reasonable anticipated that the UK’s General Anti-Abuse Rule might apply.

We believe tax havens undermine the UK’s tax system. As a result whilst we will trade with customers and suppliers genuinely located in places considered to be tax havens we will not make use of those places to secure a tax advantage, and nor will we take advantage of the secrecy that many such jurisdictions provide for transactions recorded within them. Our accounts will be prepared in compliance with this policy and will seek to provide all that information that users, including HM Revenue & Customs, might need to properly appraise our tax position. We will review this policy with our accountants annually to ensure that it is complied with.

As part of our commitment to transparency in tax we publish our full accounts.

2014-15 Accounts

2015-16 Accounts

2016-17 Accounts

2017-18 Accounts


We are proud to be the first accounting practice in the country to have been awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

The Fair Tax Mark is an independent accreditation process that assesses companies’ corporation tax practices and reporting. It provides a positive method for companies to demonstrate they are doing the right thing on tax.

It was launched in response to public outrage at numerous well-known companies, such as Google and Starbucks, failing to pay the right amount of UK corporation tax. With recent government announcements showing a move to crack down on such practices, businesses joining the Fair Tax Mark are showing they are ahead of the curve.

We also believe that  the Fair Tax Mark is good news for the small businesses in South London that we serve.  Most businesses are now direct competition with multi-national brands that have access to aggressive tax avoidance.  That puts them at a massive disadvantage straight away.

Added to this most small business owners have no interest in aggressive tax avoidance.  People understand that paying a fair share of tax is part of contributing to society.  Now small businesses can make a virtue of playing fair, they can give people a reason to pay that bit more than they would with their multi-national competitors.

Fair Tax Mark Statement March 2019

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