Daily Bookkeeping

Here at Crunchers we’ve been toying with the idea of providing a daily bookkeeping service and we are now proud to announce that after trialling it with some clients, we are rolling it out across the practice.

The traditional model of a remote bookkeeping service is that you send over information once a month and get the books brought up to date month by month.

Increasingly we have felt that is a redundant model.  Xero updates tbe bank feed daily, many clients send purchase records through to Receipt Bank daily so why couldn’t we do the bookkeeping daily?

In a world where we are getting used to our needs and wants being met almost instantaneously it starts to feel out of place to wait a month for anything.

Interestingly our trial indicates that our job is easier if we don’t allow a month’s worth of transactions to build up the bookkeeper’s job is easier.  It becomes simpler to what is matching with what if there are fewer transactions to deal with at a time.

For anyone interested in the service – just register your interest on our Contact Page.