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How much will I pay? This will depend on the size of your business and the services you want us to undertake.  We will start by meeting you to get a background on your business and your needs.  We will then send you a proposal with two or three pricing options.   Fees for Sole Traders start at £30/ month and average around £45/month, Ltd Company businesses start at £75/month and average around £120/month.    This will be a fixed fee for the year and reviewed at your annual review.

When will I pay? Our terms are for monthly payments only.  We do not take end of year fees in a lump sum.

What happens if I become your client half way through the year? We will assess the work needed to bring you up to date with your bookkeeping and other affairs.  Then we will charge you a one-off fee for that work and set up the monthly fees going forward.  All this will be set out for you during the engagement process.

 Is there a minimum length of contract? No.  We are committed to a long-term working relationship with our clients.  However we know that circumstances change and no-one can predict the future.  If you bring your engagement with us to a close, we will work with you to make sure that is done in as smooth a way as possible.

I already have an accountant.  How easy is it to change? In most cases it is very simple.  We will handle the transition once you have notified your accountant.  Professional codes of conduct in accounting require accountants to facilitate clients to move from accountant to accountant.

My finances are in a muddle.  Can you help? Yes. We recommend to get finances in order out as soon as possible.  By being in a muddle you lay yourself open to a number of significant risks.  We strongly believe that if we work with you to get your affairs in order from the start it will be to both our benefit in the long term.  As part of our engagement process we will help you set up systems that if followed will keep you affairs in order.  We are expert in bank account arrangements, bookkeeping systems and paper filing systems that will keep you on top of your affairs. We will come to your office or home to set these up with you. Most often we do not charge to do this.  If your affairs are really in serious disarray that requires extended work from us, we will quote you a one-off fee to get them up-to-date.

I can never keep on top of my finances.  Can you help? Yes.  We can provide an integrated service of bookkeeping, annual accounts and tax returns, rolled in with business advice.

How do you provide the extra business support your offer?<
We are providing this support through a mixture of seminars, webinars, conference calls and videos, plus an annual business review.