The logic of business almost inevitably leads to becoming an employer.

Created and delivered as a partnership between Crunchers and Susie Becker of Lunar HR consulting, this seminar was designed to get small business owners orientated to what is a state change in the life of business, the moment it goes beyond being a one person business and starts to employ others.

First off, we looked at some new mindsets that are required with this transition, accepting that we are the boss, becoming accountable, understanding that employees have their own agenda and accepting 80% as good enough.

Then we turned attention to what we needed think about before we get to the point of recruitment:
  • The culture and values we want to create in our team
  • Cash-flow – making sure we do not run out of money before the team starts making money
  • Identifying what kind of person we want – their skills, experience, natural abilities etc
  • Working out what we can offer in return and the logistics of working with others
  • A Job Description
  • Complying with employment law, both minimum requirements and best practice

The conversation then moved to recruitment and candidate selection before rounding up with an acknowledgement that taking on new staff represents risk and reward.

The seminar met our, by now, expected high standards of feedback – 9/10 for Overall Value.

The following is a selection of comments:

“I really enjoyed the seminar today – as always it provided valuable insight inot areas of business development that are still new to me.  I will certainly be back.”
“Well structured and informative, a great starting point for someone who knows nothing about where to start.”
“These seminars are a great way to take a step back and look at your business with fresh eyes.”