Some of the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that the above title is Crunchers South London motto.

As the sun is shining and the motto has drawn attention amongst various people in the last few weeks, it is perhaps worth explaining why we chose it and why we believe it is important to small business owners.

In the last few years we have spoken to literally hundreds of business owners.  Part of our philosophy is to try to understand where people want to get to so that we can help them get there.  What is abundantly clear is that people are not in it for the money.

The business owners we meet talk about being motivated by quality of life, control, independence, love of their product, love of what they do, enjoyment of the game of being in business, their team.

Yes people want money, usually they talk about having ‘enough’, but only to allow them to have the quality of life, control, etc etc.

At Crunchers we sum up this quality of life, control and enjoyment as Be Free and Have Fun.  For one person this might be expressed as having time to play golf, for another the capital to set up a second business, the point is that what we want is some space and capacity for self-expression.

On the flip side of this is the fact that many small business owners  do not experience a lot of freedom or fun.  All too easily what started as a dream and a source of excitement becomes a drudge with little return.

Part of the trouble is that once the freedom and fun has gone from a business, to be replaced by self-sacrifice and duty, it tends to die a slow and lingering death.

Many, many successful business people talk about the importance of fun.  Sir Richard Branson is the most famous advocate but one suspects that for all his curmudgeonly facade, even Lord Sugar is enjoying himself.

But what, we hear you ask, does any of this have to do with the notoriously enjoyment sucking activity of doing bookkeeping and tax returns – the staple of all accountants work.

Well for one thing, we need to keep this admin to a minimum.  More importantly accountants deal in numbers and numbers are the key to creating a business that works.

When an architect designs a house, they start with paper and pencil.  When a business person designs a business they start with numbers.

But ultimately what determines our success in designing a business is knowledge and skill.

At Crunchers we say this knowledge and skill is the key driver to business success.  This is why we chose the word ‘Grow’ as the access to being free and having fun.

Clearly we hope our clients will grow and develop, but more importantly we as business owners first need to grow and develop ourselves as individuals.

For this reason we have put eduction at the heart of what we do, run our seminars and see our role as advisors.

So there we have it, Grow, Be Free, Have Fun.  Just in time to crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunshine