Crunchers Accountants

Crunchers Accountants

Improving the numbers

Planning and mindsets

Take the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day hassle and think strategically. This includes completing a Personal Cashflow Forecast, Business Planning and reviewing your Mindsets.

Personal Cashflow Forecasting is about looking into your future and working out how much money you’ll need to live the life you want and not run out of money. Business planning is about creating a strategy for your business which fits with your Personal cashflow Forecast.

Mindsets introduces you to the key mindsets that are useful to business owners. Take the ones you find useful and use them to improve your effectiveness.

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Strategy and Marketing

Creating an effective marketing plan is about using the right strategy, methodology, tactics and management.

Our marketing advice includes helping you develop a Positioning Strategy so you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

We introduce you to the latest and best marketing methodologies to ensure your approach to marketing is the most effective.

Our tactical advice is the “how-to” where we share what works offline and online and how to mange your marketing so you never waste a penny.

Sales and Pricing

Our sales and pricing advice will introduce you to the most effective approaches and examine your processes and sales management.

We will challenge your current approach and suggest different ways to approaching pricing based on the latest research in pricing psychology and behavioural economics.

Our advice includes the basis like explaining where the 99p tactic came from and advanced strategies like how offering options, relative pricing, top-down, bonuses and guarantees can help you win more sales and maximise the profits on a customer by customer basis.

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Effective Management

Most business owners have had no training in business management so the Improving the Numbers covers financial and non-financial management.

Financial management is about making sure your finger is on the pulse and can include annual budgeting, management accounts and cashflow forecasting.

Non-financial management is about discovering your key business Indicators and Drivers are so you can focus of what really makes a difference. We help you create your own One-Page Dashboard so you can see the financial and non-financial numbers in real time.

We will also introduce you to the latest thinking on leadership and people management and how to structure your employees pay tax efficiently.