Introducing Goal Driver

As some will know the intention behind Crunchers is to use the accounting process to improve the lives of business owners, providing insights and support in achieving their goals for their business and their lives.

Crunchers Head Office in Cornwall has been busy this year with an important new software to empower business owners – Goal Driver.

The software is a distillation of a years of research and thought into what makes a successful business.  As accountants we tend to be interested in the financials but of course the financials are merely a result.  In order to improve results you need to dig deeper and work on the actions and strategies that improve the numbers.  You need to understand what drives your business and focus on those aspects.

So Goal Driver allows you to model different business ideas using something called Canvases, log your vision, your strategy, record your plan, set milestones and KPIs (key performance indicators), share all the above with your team, and log team meetings.   We hope that it will become to your executive department what Xero is to your bookkeeping department – the essential tool.

As accountants it will be our tool to implement our approach to business development which is called Improving the Numbers and in a way calling Goal Driver a software misses the point.  It should be understood as part of a system, a whole approach to having a successful business.

We will be rolling it out to all clients from the month at our Annual Reviews and Management Meetings.  It is also available as a stand alone product to business owners from £45/month.

Having implemented a number of apps across our production and marketing processes we know the impact that this kind of software can have a particular function of a business.

For example how many of your team members know the vision, the strategy and the key metrics that the business is working to?  Just this one feature of the software could make a significant difference to the results your business achieves.