We believe that time, rather than money is the most precious resource available to business owners.

Knowing where you will get the best Return on Investment from your time, is one of the least understood and most important lessons the aspiring entrepreneur can learn.  The seminar explored the various departments of our businesses that we might invest our time in – production, marketing, management, admin, executive (strategic planning).

Looking where an investment of time can deliver the greatest yields in a business can be a eurika moment for a business owner, because it sets out in black and white why delivering your product or service is almost never as profitable as marketing it, managing others to deliver it or designing systems that get the job done.  It forces you to confront that marketing is more profitable than production, that delegation is a key business skill and that admin is almost never worth doing yourself.

Feedback was excellent scoring 9/10 for overall value of attending.  For the first time we started to get feedback on how people felt the seminars were impacting their business.  We are particularly delighted with this result – almost 10/10 for positive impact.

Comments included:

‘The seminar was a useful reminder (and eye-opener)about the cost that some of the routine business tasks can carry in terms of opportunity lost – I feel motivated to review my overall strategy for developing my business.’

‘Very enjoyable and good for the mind.  Active brain space.’

‘Clear, concise and as always described in plain English, making it easy to follow and informative.’