It’s About Time – Seminar Report

If someone asked you to invest £20,000 you would probably want to know with great security you were going to see a return on it.  You would want a detailed plan of how it was coming back to you.  Yet business owners invest their own time (often with a value in excess of that amount) into their businesses each year with almost no thought or planning, investing that resource wherever circumstances and inclination lead them.

Looking where an investment of time can deliver the greatest yields in a business can be a eurika moment for a business owner, because it sets out in black and white why delivering your product or service is almost never as profitable as marketing it, managing others to deliver it or designing systems that get the job done.  It forces you to confront that marketing is more profitable than production, that delegation is a key business skill and that admin is almost never worth doing yourself.

This is a confronting conversation for most small business owners but 11 committed business people were game on a night when summer finally arrived.

Having established the potential value of the time we invest, the seminar explored mindsets and strategies to be effective and productive with time.

Feedback from attendees was very positive, rating the evening 8/10 for overall value.

The following is a selection of comments:

“Today’s seminar made me think through the way I am set up as a business. It made me realize I need to explore ways to improve my marketing and possibly outsource some of the less profitable aspects of my business (ie admin, editing, marketing).

“Well worth it. Thought provoking.”

“Great to make you view your business from different perspectives to enable you to be more successful and happier within it.