Marketing Methodologies – Seminar Report

Firstly we want to celebrate an accomplishment.  The seminar scored 10/10 across the board except for one 8/10 for venue on our feedback.  The bar for the quality of our seminars has just got set higher.

Marketing is such a fundamental part of business that we wanted to introduce clients to some building blocks for a successful marketing department.

First off we looked at two foundation stone concepts that we say underpin all professional marketing.  The first was understanding that marketing is about understanding and communicating to what motivates our customers.  We need to be really interested in what concerns them, what gets them to take action.  We need to get interested in human psychology because we need understand human behaviour.

The second was using a numbers approach to marketing.  This is where working with an accountant can be really useful.  We worked out the Lifetime Value of a Client for our business which allowed us to work out what would be an appropriate amount to spend getting a client.  We looked at Return on Investment in Marketing and a the importance of measuring results and basing our future plans on the results we gather.

Following this we looked at two strategic marketing concepts – Positioning (see previous seminar post) and the Purple Cow, a marketing concept coined by marketing guru Seth Godin.

Finally we gave an overview of the some of the marketing approaches we might use: Direct Response Marketing vs Institutionalised Brand Marking; Permission Based Marketing; Inbound and Outbound Marketing.

As you already know feedback was highly positive.  Topic, Content, Delivery and Overall Value scored 10/10!

Comments included:

“This was incredibly informative yet accessible and un-intimidating lecture which really made me look at marketing and our market in a completely different way.”

“These seminars really bring accountancy to life, taking you past the numbers to help you look at your business in a wider perspective.”

“Great, qualitytime to spend.  Valuable insights”

“The Crunchers Seminars are an invaluable resource for getting your small business off the ground and developing your product.”