Crunchers Accountants

Crunchers Accountants

Our Approach

A business is a way to achieve certain goals.  Making money is one goal but not often the only one.

We are very interested in what your goals are.

Some people are very focused on seeing their business grow.  Some people want a steady dependable income from their business.  Some people want more interesting or challenging work out of their business.  Some people love their product and want as many others to share it.  Some people have something very specific in mind to achieve with the wealth their business generates.  Some people just love business. We could go on.  There are as many motivations to being in business as there are people in business.

With that as our starting point we can start to give you advice and offer the appropriate service.  We are not interested in simply taking your annual fee and ignoring the wider picture.

Clearly we want to have a kind of partnership with you.  Having this kind of partnership with your accountants is good because we already have access to the numbers that will tell you the truth about your business.

From our point of view it makes our job much more interesting and satisfying.  Ultimately our approach boils down to our motto: Grow, Be Free, Have Fun.

The Crunchers Guarantee
We see becoming your accountant as a partnership with the intention of making your goals a reality in the enterprise you run.   You can count on us to deliver outstanding value to your business.

If we make a mistake, we will be in communication quickly, openly and do whatever we can to make good the situation.  If you get a penalty or fine with HMRC that is down to an error on our part, we will pay that fine.

While we pride ourselves in a fresh approach we take our professionalism seriously.  All our account managers are trained to Accounting Technician level as a minimum.  A Chartered Accountant will oversee any aspect of accounting or tax advice that your account manager is not qualified to deal with.   All our account managers undertake on-going training and development to keep their expertise at the standard you would expect.  As part of our professional standards we promise integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and due care in all our dealings.

At a practical level we will deal with all telephone calls and emails within one working day and honour any agreements we make for dealing with business affairs.

Lastly but by no means least, we will respond imaginatively to your needs, bringing an open and engaged attitude to your business, the problems and opportunities it faces.

An Invitation
Many prospective clients have found our free consultation to make a difference to their business in and of itself.  If you like what you hear, why not give us a call and take advantage of meeting us for a coffee at Le Chandelier, our cafe of choice.