Positioning Seminar

We held our first seminar last night at the Bespoke Space, East Dulwich.

The intention of Crunchers Seminar series is to bring business thinking and support in development to the level of the sole trader businesses we serve. Though I say it myself, I think we achieved the objective.  10 business owners turned out and in feedback rated the overall value of the evening 9/10.

The basic idea being presented was that it is highly powerful to immediately spring to mind when someone is looking to buy the product or service you offer.  The trouble is that in many cases our competitors have got there first.  Positioning argues that instead of trying to knock our competitors off that list that people hold in people’s head for a particular product or service, we would do better to create our own category of product or service.  For example instead of being a general plumber, become a plumber for over 60s; or become a plumber for for schools only; or become a plumber specialising in grey water systems; or become a plumber specialising in procurement for large organisations.  In other words find a position that you can be the market leader in.

We are creating the seminars in workshop style with a lot of interaction between people attending and the speaker.  Last night people had the chance to explore possible positions for their business run them past other business owners.

There was some nice feedback:

“Extremely valuable”

“Very personal and informative.  Walking out of here with ideas and clearer understanding of my business.”

“This topic has allowed me to explore different ideas and think of possible directions for future development.”

We are continuing the series on 28th Nov with ‘Working on your business vs Working in your business’.

The excellent Breadroom have promised pastries to add to the evening.  Registration is available through the Something for Nothing page of the website.

I hope to see many of you there.