Return on Investment – Seminar Report

How shall we measure our success in making money?

Profit?  Plenty of profitable businesses go bust for lack of cash.

Cash? Plenty of businesses with money in the bank are not profitable.

So started our inquiry that led us to the concept of Return on Investment in business.  Having explored measuring our business performance by Return on Investment, we looked at making business decisions based on Return on Investment.  Participants in the seminar were given a four step process of ‘due diligence’ on their investment choices to provide a way to make these decisions and distinguished between a risky investor who invests on a hunch and a sophisticated one who invests having done ‘due diligence’.

We looked at breakeven and contribution as concepts to help us reach a Return on Investment and faced up to the realization that we are already always investing.

Finally we recognized the importance of investors (including ourselves) and making sure they get a return, ready to put time, money, energy and resource back into a business.

Feedback was at what has come to be our expected level, the seminar was rated 8/10 for overall value.

Comments included:

‘This evening’s seminar was really worth investing my time in.  It not only serves as a refresher on the subjects I already know about but I learnt more on these subjects.  It’s great to take the time out from the day to day running of a business to think/look at how/what you can be doing to improve performance.’

‘There is real value in attending this series of seminars, not just individual ones, together they are a great aid to planning and running a business.’

‘If you need help in starting or maintaining a small business, attend the Crunchers Seminars.’

‘Insightful and well presented.’