Crunchers Accountants

Crunchers Accountants

South London Small Business Survey

1. Business owners usually put unpaid time into their businesses. The value of this time is often greater than the profit the business makes so that although a business may be profitable on paper, it in fact depends on the business owners continued investment of unpaid time to survive. We are interested to know how common this is.

We would like you as a business owner to imagine a situation where you do not do any work for your business and you do not draw any income. Instead you pay someone else to do the work you do. We would like you to estimate the amount you would need to pay that person (you may not be sure, but please make your best guess). Please answer the following question: Would your business be profitable in this scenario?

2. If you answered 'no' to the previous question, you have said that the value of the time you put into the business is greater than the profit it produces. Please let us know why this situation exists in your business. (You may select more than one reason).

Other (please specify)

We would like to find out a little about your business.
3. Please describe the nature of your business

4. What legal entity does your business trade under?

5. How would you rate your present accountant?

- Quality of work (accounts, tax returns etc)

- Ease of communication (responds to emails, calls etc)

- Added value to my business (advice, strategy etc)

- Value for money

6. Would you like a report on getting the most from your accountant?