Created by entrepreneur Roger Hamilton, Talent Dynamics is an approach to business development that focuses on the individual talents of the business team.

It starts with a premise that there are two ways to create value in business and two ways to leverage that value.

The first way to create value is through innovation – making something new, whether it is a product, a brand, a system or whatever it is.  The second way is timing – bringing the a product to the right place at the right time.

Then the two ways to leverage that value are through people or through systems.  In other words you can leverage a new product by attracting a lot of people to it or you can leverage it by creating a fantastic delivery systems.

Talent Dynamics goes on to say that we each have natural talents, and whilst we may learn skills in areas that are not natural to us, the best business results are achieved by putting individuals in the roles that suit them best.

Some people will be great at innovating, some will be great at reaching people, others will be excellent at having their ear to the ground and knowing when to bring things to market, and yet others will be great at creating and managing systems.

One of the curses of small business is that we try to do everything rather than understanding where our strengths lie and finding ways to bring in others to complement us.

The approach also provides insight into phases of a business’s life, from creation, through building relationships, customer base, partnerships, through to delivery and finally systemisation and refinement.

We like the perspective of Talent Dynamics so much that our next seminar will be based on this subject.

And for further reading try Roger Hamilton’s excellent book of the same name.