If we accept that we can’t do everything in our business then the question becomes what am I best adapted to doing and where can I provide most value to my business?

Gabriel Flores of Flores Leadership presented an overview of Talent Dynamics applying it to the situation most small business owners find them selves in – namely how best to use their resources to grow their business to a point where it can start to build a team.

Attendees were encouraged to find out their profile to see what kind of tasks they perform best, dependent on whether they deliver best through people or systems, interpret the world best through data or conversation, whether they a good at creativity and strategy or day to day detail.

Value and leverage of our talents was defined and Gabriel invited attendees to start with why they are in business, what motivates them and what benefit their business will bring to the world.

Feedback was excellent as we have come to expect with feedback scoring overall value 8/10.

Comments included:

“Gabe was really great at simply introducing the ideas of Talent Dynamics and what use it would be individually to know your profile.”

“Thought provoking as always”