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“Damion Viney’s advice was both inspirational and practical. With straightforward language It helped me to understand what I needed to do, to achieve the full potential from my business”

Chris Redgrave, Photographer.

“I had a meeting with Damion of Crunchers to discuss the possibility of changing my tax status from Self-employed to that of a Limited Company. I found that Damion explained the differences and benefits of both clearly demonstrating his professional knowledge and skill. He gave me the opportunity to ask lots of questions and also asked the right questions helping me to make an informed decision”.

Kevin Smith, Freelance Editor


Accounting Services

“Damion at Crunchers Accountants has been instrumental in turning around my accounts into a money saving, stress-free and enjoyable practice.
I now have a clear understanding of my business finances and have embraced the organised structure which Damion has provided me with. I highly recommend his services” Alex Gent, Sound Engineer
“Crunchers have made it very straight forward and easy for me to start my business looking after my accounting affairs and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of going into business and needs help with the financial side of looking after their accounts.”

Thanos Elias, Ebay trader

“Topiary Garden has been using the accountancy services provided by Damion Viney at Crunchers for the last two years.

Like many small companies we never seemed to have enough time for bookkeeping, form filling and completing tax returns and the paper worked piled up. Damion was patient with us and introduced us to an online accounting system that simplified our accounting workflows and enabled us to keep on top of the paper work. Our tax returns are now ready for submission early in the year and the anxiety and stress related to this chore have been eliminated.

Damion is always responsive to any telephone or email queries we might have and guides us in a professional manner, our accountancy meetings are now a pleasure and something we look forward to rather than dread. We now consider Damion as an integral part of our company.

Topiary Garden would highly recommend Crunchers to any company looking for a trusted accounting firm and business partner.”

Mike Atkinson, Topiary Garden


Business Development

“I am very pleased with the flexible budget Damion has put together for my business. I was very impressed with this very sophisticated tool that provides me with great clarity and focus. Extremely user friendly and easy to read. A useful tool that not only provides me with a complex overview of my business but also encourages me to think in more detail about any future strategies.”

Anja Hubrath, Bettylicious.

“The budgeting service from Crunchers has been completely invaluable to the development of our business in the early stages. Damion has been fantastic in talking us through the whole process and helping us to see our business processes in a completely new – and much more productive – light. The budgeting tool that Crunchers set up for us is intuitive, effective and easy to use. We work with it all the time now to evaluate how the decisions we are making will impact on the business as a whole. It gives us huge peace of mind to be able to see things so clearly and objectively.”

Charlotte Knowles, Shoots & Leaves Films

“Working with Crunchers to create a business plan has transformed my approach to my business. But more importantly, it has helped me develop my confidence and a clarity of vision in all areas of life. The process gave me a chance to test out and experiment with concepts before sinking hundreds of hours of my time and thousands of pounds into my business.  I really appreciated that Damion took time at the outset to understand my values and aspirations, as well as asking me difficult (but necessary) questions about how I could fulfill them.”

Patricia Curmi, Collective Voice



I have attended the seminar for the first time today. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge which I will definitely begin to use to improve my business. I will begin by dedicating 1 hour a week to applying my targets.

These seminars give a practical guide on managing your business. Damion provides excellent content that you can take away and work on, however he ensures that you get started right there and then on the day. It’s also great to meet others in business and bounce ideas off them. Highly recommended!

Great starting point and/or reminder for anyone in business to ensure they get the building blocks in place to run their business rather than letting it run them.

Very good and useful session. Gave some very good ‘bite-sized’ ideas to build up over time to create a full picture of my business.