If you have no sales, you have no business.  The trouble is most of us feel embarrassed, anxious or quite simply resigned as sales people.

Perhaps Marcus Cauchi’s (sales consultant and trainer) most important message to the assembled audience was that as sales people we at very least the equal to our the people we sell to.  The people we sell to have a problem they can’t deal with themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying.

This perceived inferiority leads us to try hard to convince our prospect.  We establish our credibility, we talk about the fabulous features and benefits of our service, we give presentations and generally do what ever we can to please our prospect.

The Sandler Training that Marcus delivers is directly opposite to this approach.  In amongst the advice to only present if completely necessary, to listen and find the pain of people’s situation, to set the terms of engagement, was an insistence that we should always be ready to walk away if the deal was not there to be done.  Better to discover now that the person with the authority to make the decision is away for six weeks.  Better to find out now that there is no budget available.  What ever the reason was that the deal could or should not be done, better to find out now and eliminate the problem or walk away.

Clearly this is an approach that works.  What struck me was that Marcus’s approach put the seller in position coach, manager or problem solver leading the buyer through the stages of identifying problems and committing to solutions.

As you can see from feedback the seminar was well received.  Attendees rated it 8/10 for overall value and gave the following written testimonials:

“My first seminar – 2 hours well spent, I learned a lot and went away with lots to think about.”
Very insightful – makes you see things from the alternative point of view.”
I found the style and content of this seminar excellent and thought provoking.”
“These seminars organised by Damion, are extremely relevant and informative for any business wishing to develop and move to the next level.  More than just networking, they ensure you leave feeling stimulated with learning and wanting to embed that into your business plan to action and move forward.”