The End Game – Seminar Report

This seminar was all about know what shape of business you want to create.

The norm in business is to allow business to grow ‘organically’, ie without a plan.  This is because the alternative requires thought and time.  Whilst allowing things to grow organically can work, we all know the statistics for business that fail and we probably all know business owners who become slaves to the needs of their business working all hours.

The first aspect we looked at was creating and inspiring or exciting vision for the business, including what is being created with the business and what is the business allows us to do in the rest of our lives.

We then considered the four roles we might end up with in business – on the tools, manager, managing director or chairman.  We looked at what financial model our business will have and finally our exit strategy whether selling, gifting or closing the business.

More than previous seminars, this was an opportunity for participants to take part in a workshop to start applying some of this planning to their own businesses.

Sadly numbers were down but value experienced by those who attended was the highest yet – 10/10 scored for overall value.

Comments included:

“You might think you are going to explore your finance and business, and Crunchers seminars give you the space and guidance to do just that. Don’t be surprised if you also explore the bigger picture of your life, how you spend time, and how to create a business that works, and works for you. I would highly recommend these seminars for anyone willing to explore what’s possible in business and how to get there.” 

“Helped immensely breaking a big goal into small manageable steps.”

“I find these seminars very helpful and focusing.  Powerful material clearly delivered.  Workshop content with other business people was very useful and great networking without pressure.”

“Very useful and thought provoking”