The Mindset of the Entrepreneur – Seminar Report

Results follow actions and actions are intimately linked to the way you see the world.  If you follow this logic then our business results are intimately linked to the way we see our businesses.  This was the premise for last night’s seminar the Mindset of the Entrepreneur.  The seminar went on to explore the mindset of seasoned entrepreneurs, the ways of looking at business that an entrepreneur has.

Drawing on the ideas of Michael Gerber’s the E-Myth we started with working ‘on your business’ vs ‘in your business’. We explored the difference in mindset between an employee and an entrepreneur and the concept of being a driver rather than a doer.

The seminar looked at the mindset required for marketing, attitudes to fear and the basic premise of being an entrepreneur – that every investment made should have a financial return.  Finally we concluded by looking at two key lessons from Jim Collins book ‘Good to Great’, getting the right people on the bus and the Hedgehog Principle.

As ever feedback was very positive, scoring 9/10 for ‘Overall Value’.

Comments gathered included:

“Interesting and stimulating session.  I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“As ever very worthwhile and motivational.”

“This was my first seminar and I think it was totally worth it!  Would recommend to all.”

“Made me address some areas that I’d previously ignored.  Some valuable