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Damion Viney (Director)
I grew up in Dorset and went to university in Newcastle. Before moving to London in 1996 I lived in Mexico for a year.

I qualified as an accountant while working for local accounting firm Gordons Knight  in Merton.

Although I am a qualified accountant (MAAT), I learned most about business from founding and running a charity for many years.

The charity generated over £1m in revenue and whilst it was a not for profit it operated very like any other small business and taught me many lessons. There were ups and downs so I can empathise with business owners.

The best thing I ever did was to ask Josie to marry me.  Together we have two beautiful children; Nina and Arnold. Needless to say, they come before business.

Josie is from Cornwall and we are spoilt for choice for weekends away with family in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.  We love the countyside, I have a particular passion for throwing myself in the sea at any opportunity.  I enthusiastically play football and cricket to a very low standard.  I am a trombonist and a sculptor.

I see my work as an opportunity to make a difference.

Business owners are creatives, risk takers, they open doors for others to step through, often they are passionate about what they do, very rarely are they in it just for personal gain.  I see it as my job to provide my clients with the best chance to succeed.

If we work together you know it’s because I want to, not because I need to.


Joanna Kaminska (Accounting Assistant)
Joanna (2)
I spent my childhood  in Kielce,  a small town in Poland before I moved to Cracow and started my studies in University of Economics.

During my GAP year I came to London for few months and that was it for me, I fell in love with its variety and speed of life.

I was straight back after my graduation in 2007, when I started working in an Education Centre.  After few years of working in administration I decided to do a bookkeeping course and started to work in this field.

I do love travelling and exploring new places. I am particularly fascinated with Asia and try to visit an Asian country every year.  I had two-month internship in Beijing in China, where I got a chance to travel across China and learnt a bit of Chinese. I also lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for 5 months, where I got married to my husband Daniel.

We have a two year old son, Oliver, who is very active and we will definitely take him for an Asian trip one day.