A business exists to make money, right?

Yes, that is true but is that the end of the story? Rarely, if ever.  Moreover businesses that are set up for the sole purpose of turning a profit rarely prosper.  On the other hand a business that does not give any return to its owner, is little more than a hobby, perhaps at best, it is a mission.

Finding where and how one’s personal goals interact with ones business goals was the theme of tonight’s seminar.  Ten business owners braved the heat wave to sweat out the issues involved.  We looked at our Primary Aim in life and the ‘Why’ of our businesses, before confronting our personal finances through the Bucket Concept, uncovering the amount of money we need to create in order to achieve our personal aims.  We explored setting goals and the way that aligning your business goals to your personal goals creates huge power in ones effectiveness.

We have come to expect good feedback from our seminars, and tonight was no exception with scores rating every aspect between 8 and 10/10, with overall value 10/10.

Comments included:
“Very inspirational – Has got me thinking! Liked the delivery – very interesting.”
Brilliant – Emphasised the importance of planning and having goals. Inspired me to get started and stop making excuses.”
Really interesting. Ideas from the TED link were thought provoking.”
Thanks Damion for another great seminar.  I really enjoyed having the space to look at my personal and business goals from a variety of angles in a short space of time.”